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Use this tutorial to power the LEDs from a separate power source (NOT the receiver) using the DELUXBRAKE™ or 911STROBE™ 14 LED Controllers.

This tutorial uses the 4 wire power plug and RX Pass-Thru™ included with the DELUXBRAKE™ and 911STROBE™ 14 LED Controllers.

Remove Blue Wire

Step #1:

Remove the blue wire from the 4 wire power plug.

To remove connector terminals from the connector housings use an XACTO knife.

Plug Into RX Pass-Thru

Step #2:

Plug the 3P connector housing with 2 wires into the included RX Pass-Thru™, black-black; white-white.

Plug Into 911STROBE LED Controller

Step #3:

Plug the separate power source positive (+) lead into the top pin of PWR, and the negative(-) lead into the bottom pin of PWR.

Plug the 2x2P connector housing (notch up) into the other set of PWR and AUX channels, black-bottom-PWR; white-bottom-AUX; grey-top-AUX.

Plug Into RX

Step #4:

Plug the RX Pass-Thru™ and 3P connector housing with 1 wire into the receiver's throttle and auxiliary channels.

Tutorial Complete!