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This quick start guide covers the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to get started installing your RC-LIGHTS R/C LED Lighting System. Read through these instructions first and then proceed to the complete instruction set for further description of methods used.

Before you begin installation onto the vehicle/body: completely read through these instructions, setup/configure your lighting system, and test it to ensure proper operation. Before ever applying power to the LEDs check & double-check your wire connections to ensure the LEDs are plugged into the right channels on the LED controller. LEDs blown due to incorrect installation wiring are not covered by warranty. Connecting LEDs directly to power will blow them immediately.
WARNING: LED lights are designed to be used in extreme nighttime and low visibility running environments and are very high output. DO NOT look directly into beam.
Look at the front of your LED controller(s) and locate the PWR channels [for power input / linking] and AUX channels [for receiver (RX) signal inputs] (BOTH IN RED). DO NOT plug LEDs into the PWR or AUX channels, doing so may damage the LED or LED controller beyond repair and is not covered by product warranty. Only plug LEDs into LED channels indicated in BLACK and labeled with the LED channel name. The RX Direct2LED only has LED channels. LEDs are static sensitive devices and can be destroyed when discharged directly into; always make sure you have grounded yourself before touching the LEDs (even after they have been installed!) All RC-LIGHTS LEDs are designed to be used in extreme nighttime and low visibility running environments and are very high output. DO NOT look directly into beam.
Plug all wire extensions into all LED channels (blue-top/black-bottom). Plug all LEDs into wire extensions long lead blue (+), short black (-). Plug your power source into any PWR channel, and if using AUX and 1 or 2 Channel RX Plug; plug square end into PWR and AUX channels (either set) with notch UP. Plug RX plugs into the RX channels to be used. Make sure your power source or RX voltage is 7.4V or less [6V optimal], if using a remote power switch or electronic brake switch, 6V maximum. Turn on the power source or RX and swap LED colors until all LEDs are plugged into the correct LED channels.
Now that all LED colors have been identified and your system is functioning properly it is time to begin installation onto the vehicle, body, or fuselage. Remove any wires / LEDs that will not be used for the installation and save as replacement parts or use with additional lighting systems. There are several ways to mount the LEDs including thru-body, behind-body, open-air, and no holder. The fastest and most secure way to mount the LEDs through a lexan body is using the included chrome LED holders, nuts, and pre-cut aluminum tape. This is the method that will be covered in the following steps, so refer to the complete instruction set for further detail of the other installation methods. If using RPM Canisters continue through the Quick Start guide for additional installation notes, but you won’t be using the Chrome LED Holders to mount the LEDs. It is recommended that the Heavy Duty Plug and Play Connector installation method be used (also use when it is desired that the LED never separate from the plug and play connector.) See the complete instruction set and instructions included with the RPM Canisters for more information.
Installing Chrome LED Holders requires a hole to be drilled at each location one is to be installed; a center-punch can be used to mark drill locations. If installing a 3mm chrome holder a 1/4” hole is needed, 5mm chrome a 5/16”. [Note: Hole sizes for Standard LED Holders are 3mm-3/16”, 5mm-1/4”.] A countersink or hobby knife can be used to remove burrs from the lexan once the holes have been drilled. Insert the chrome LED holder into the cleaned hole; secure it tightly using the nut. Do not install LEDs or tape at this time.
The LED lead spacer included with the 5MM Chrome LED Holders is not needed using this installation method. Trim each 5MM LED lead to 7.5mm (actual size shown on left) taking note of which lead is longer for polarity when plugging it back in. The lead spacer is needed for the 3MM LED, trim each lead to 12mm. Once all LED leads have been trimmed and plugged back in turn on the system to verify that all LEDs are still operating properly. If one does not light, flip it around and it should light. Once correct operation has been verified, anywhere that aluminum tape or zip tie bases will be mounted should be cleaned free of dirt and oil. The LED Controller should then be mounted using one (center) or two (sides) zip ties and bases in a location where it will not interfere with the operation of any other part of the vehicle or aircraft (motors, servo linkages, exhaust manifolds, and the like.) Ideally on the side of the vehicle body or inside the aircraft fuselage.
After mounting the LED Controller, twist wires/LEDs going to the same location, together. Once LEDs are to the mounting location, insert them into the Chrome LED Holders previously installed. Press wires flush against the body so they take on the shape of the surface to which they are being installed. Once the wire naturally stays in place, it means all the stress is out. The wires can now be secured using the aluminum tape sheet that can be cut into any shape needed, and the remaining zip ties and bases.
Once all the wires have been secured and the LEDs have been inserted into the Chrome LED Holders turn on the system a final time to verify correct operation. Once correct operation has been verified, take a piece of pre-cut aluminum tape and wrap it around the back side of the chrome holder and front side of the plug and play connector. Do this for each LED and your installation is complete. For LED waterproofing use LED Waterproofing Kit (#5085, sold separately.) NOTE: There are other parts that were included with your LED system that were not used in this installation including the Standard LED Holders (another LED holder option) and the 2P Connector Housings (use for Heavy-Duty installations), see the complete instruction set for further illustration.
This is the Quick Start guide to installing a RC-LIGHTS R/C LED Lighting System. The system design allows it to be installed in unlimited different ways to accommodate the broadest range of installation applications. The design also allows for easy maintenance of components, so when crash damage occurs it is a part to replace, not a system. Various different installation methods are described in full detail in the attached complete instruction set. The Quick Start is the most recommended way to install your LED lighting system because it offers a solid mount on the body to which a 5MM or 3MM LED can be held within using removable tape. In extreme crashes (we mean EXTREME!) the LEDs may actually come out of the holders allowing the LED to remain unharmed instead of breaking to the point of necessary repair. This makes for a solid lighting system that can be customized and maintained with ease.