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There are three different options when it comes to connecting the LED to the plug and play connector: STANDARD DUTY, HEAVY DUTY, and WATERPROOF. These methods apply for both 5MM and 3MM LEDs.

LED leads can be soldered to for a hardwired connection. LED leads can be bent into any shape, and can be cut to any length (less than 0.30" not recommended). Use heat shrink to insulate LED leads any time they can come into contact with each other or bare metal.

Take note of LED polarity prior to cutting the LED leads. LONG LEAD-POSITIVE; SHORT LEAD-GROUND

STANDARD DUTYLED Installed for Standard Duty Use

Standard duty use is the easiest method of installation. For most applications including off-road racing and 3D flight the standard duty method can be followed. Otherwise if you crash often and crash big then follow the instructions for Waterproof or Heavy Duty Use below.

STEP 1 Trim/bend LED leads as needed to position/aim the LED at the desired location .

STEP 2 Plug LED leads into the plug and play connector. LONG LEAD-POSITIVE-BLUE, SHORT LEAD-NEGATIVE-BLACK

PnP Connector with LED for Standard Use

WATERPROOFWaterproof LED Installation

If you have a heat gun and the LED Waterproofing Kit the waterproof method is the best way to make sure the LED and plug and play connector do not separate and to keep water and other harsh environmental elements from deteriorating system components or causing system failures. Maximum protection for maximum abuse. Faster installation method than Heavy Duty with nearly the same results plus it is entirely waterproof.

STEP 1 Take note of which LED lead is longer (POSITIVE) and trim it so it is even with the shorter (GROUND) lead.

STEP 2 Slide smaller heat shrink over each LED lead and melt the shrink tubing.

STEP 3 Plug LED into the plug and play connector (LONG LEAD-POSITIVE-BLUE; SHORT LEAD-GROUND-BLACK).

STEP 4 Slide larger heat shrink over LED and plug and play connector so the plug and play connector is in the middle and melt the shrink tubing.

Waterproof Chrome LED Holder


To make it nearly impossible for the plug and play connector to separate from the LED follow these instructions for Heavy Duty Use. Using this method will prevent LEDs from coming loose during extreme impacts: off-road big-air beatings & free-fall flight crashes. 

STEP 1 Carefully remove the connector housing from the wire extension using an XACTO knife. Slightly bend each plastic tab up and pull each wire terminal back.


STEP 2 Using long nose pliers give the LED lead ends a slight bend up while the long lead is held away from you (or on the right if pointed forward.)


STEP 3 Slide housing over LED leads and push connector terminals onto the LED leads (blue-positive-long; black-negative-short) until the lead ends are just past the wire.


STEP 4 Slide connector housing to the right to pick up the connector terminals.  Once each terminal has clicked, slide back left until the housing touches the LED.  Notice that the connectors are still not all the way in the housing.


STEP 5 Using a thumbnail or flat blade screwdriver apply downward pressure on the terminals while sliding connector housing to the right until the tips of the connector terminals are underneath the housing.  Then continue sliding right until each terminal has clicked again.  Do not slide so far right that the connector and LED separate.  If you cannot get the second click by sliding back and forth get it as close as possible and use long nose pliers to give the wire an extra little push.


STEP 6 Once completed leads can be bent to each side of the housing and trimmed.  Wait until the last step to do this in case you find that the extra lead length is needed.  If it is possible that the leads can touch each other or other metal surfaces make sure to insulate using heat shrink or electrical tape.

PnP Connector with Heat Shrink